Yofrog Brand Development

Yofrog trailer in wrapped design

Yofrog Frozen Yogurt

Design concept for graphics and A1 boards

Yofrog Frozen Yogurt
Speach bubbles in a colourful manner

Design concept for the A1 board

Brand Development

Freeway Projects helped to develop the brand identity for new frozen yogurt company Yofrog.

As a new business promoting a healthier alternative to ice cream, the concept had to be fresh, bright, contemporary and “fun”.

The Yofrog team had an initial idea of how they wanted the brand identity to look, so we worked closely with them to finalise the design.

The speech bubbles were added for a bit of fun, and at the same time used to advertise useful facts and information.

The trailer was wrapped in the design which gave a strong and colourful result.

Branded menus, aprons and A1 advertising boards were made to promote the brand further.