Hydra for SEA LIFE

SEA LIFE logoHydra is a document sharing and collaboration platform developed by Freeway Projects for the SEA LIFE Displays Development Department. The Hydra system offers staff means to record, store, track and share valuable business knowledge as well as an easy way to communicate ideas and issues 24 hours per day.

SEA LIFE Aquariums are Britain’s best known marine wildlife attractions, with 13 centres in the UK alone and another 35 worldwide. Hydra allows users to quickly share information with others, manage company documents and to publish articles/reports. This enables everyone within the organisation to work more efficiently thus saving time and money. The system is flexible, reliable and helps improve collaboration and communication across an organisation.

Designed to store large amounts of data whilst also enabling staff to easily find what they’re looking for, Hydra is great for managing documents, work items and valuable business knowledge that need to be shared, updated, searchable and made widely available.

With 47 SEA LIFE centers across the world, housing hundreds of thousands of creatures, the amount of information we have to process can be overwhelming. The HYDRA system, developed by Freeway Projects, enables us to marshall all of that important knowledge and information into one system making it available globally in real time. Freeway Projects have provided a cost effective, robust solution on time and to a world class standard. From design to implementation, support and future proofing, SEA LIFE could not have asked for more.

Rob Wick, Regional Curator for UK and Ireland, Weymouth SEA LIFE Park.