Drupal profiling

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Drupal profiling

Useful link RE profiling with xdebug and PHP Storm.


There are a couple of modules which may be useful:



Chromebook setup

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Crouton project page is at https://github.com/dnschneid/crouton

Download from https://goo.gl/fd3zc


Then set up a chroot by opening a terminal, typing shell and then running:

$ sudo sh ~/Downloads/crouton -t unity-desktop -r trusty -n trusty-unity-desktop


Then the environment can be logged into by running:

$ sudo startunity

Set up steps

Install extra browsers

First of all install the packages via the Software Centre.


  • Chromium

  • Adobe Flash Plugin


To get Flash player to work for Chromium install:

# apt-get install pepperflashplugin-nonfree


To get the Flash Player to work for Firefox needed to install Adobe Flash Plugin.

Set up keyboard

In the system tray select ‘Text Entry settings…’ to change to UK English keyboard.

Set up Netbeans

Netbeans needs the Java SDK.

# apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk


Then download the installer, make it executable and run it.

Install extra packages

These packages are useful for development:

# apt-get install mercurial emacs


Set up printers

Follow the instructions at:




Then run the ‘Printers’ app under ubuntu – and under ‘Find printers’ put in the printer’s IP address as the browsing does not seem to work as it seems to rely on Samba.


Calculate Apache settings

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Calculate Apache settings

To work out a good setting for MaxClients, first find out the average apache process memory use in megabytes. You’ll want to run the following snippet a number of times, and average the results:

ps -ef | grep apache2 | grep -v ^$USER | awk '{ print $2 '} | xargs pmap -d | grep ^mapped: | awk '{ print $4}' | cut -dK -f1 | awk '{SUM += $1} END { print int((SUM/NR)/1000) }'

You can now divide the ideal amount of memory usage in megabytes (after OS and MySQL usage is accounted), by the average process memory value to get a rough estimate of MaxClients.

Apache ITK tuning

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Advice RE Apache ITK

Initial checking shows that ITK (non-threaded) can be as efficient as a threaded Apache provided there is enough RAM.


Looking at:

http://www.zarafa.com/wiki/index.php/Apache_tuning we see:


‘If you have the RAM available and start enough spare workers processes then the advantages of mpm_worker are limited’


Initial points:


  • With enough RAM and good configuration the performance of ITK should be OK

  • ITK is much safer in that it can handle any type of PHP extension.

  • Although ITK needs to start out as a root process this is only really an issue if using HTTPS.


Another useful point is at:




which says:


23. Don’t use threaded mpm with mod_php – look at using mod_itk, mod_php tends to segfault with threaded mpm.



Apache ITK could be run behind a proxy to possibly increase security.

Settings to tune


A useful looking resource is at:



This might be a starting list of settings to tune:


  • StartServers

  • MinSpareServers

  • MaxSpareServers

  • ServerLimit

  • MaxClients

  • MaxRequestsPerChild

Type and the Web

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This is a great article, interesting and funny, exploring how type has developed on the web!



RM350 South West Proms

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RM350 South West Proms programmeWe are delighted to have been working on this project and supplied the graphic design for this prestigious event working with the Royal Marines and Blackfriars Contract Division. With a four day spectacular performance at the Plymouth Albion, Plymouth is in for a real musical and visual treat! Freeway Projects is proud to have sponsored the event and to have produced the branding, the design of the programme, tickets, advertising and more.

For more information on this project view our portfolio here.

We have moved!

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We have moved and our new office is based in the middle of town! Our new address with immediate effect is:

Fairbairn House
Higher Lane
PL1 2 AN

We are on the second floor in the Thinqtanq building in Fairbairn House. The new office gives us more space to grow and is the next stage for us. We are also excited to be a part of  ThinqTanq’s social and collaborative way of working.

Come and visit us in our new lovely office!


New eCommerce site for Lantoom!

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Lantoom, who supplies quality building stone from four quarries in Cornwall, launches their new website – a brand new eCommerce site developed on the Magento platform. With a new fresh design and improved functionalities, Lantoom is now able to manage all their content themselves in a time saving manner.

Visit the new site at lantoom.co.uk

Lazeme gets new eCommerce site!

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Lazeme - New eCommerce websiteA new Magento eCommerce site has been designed and developed for Lazeme, who specialises in luxuary swim wear, designer underwear and clothes made for lazy living! The new site is full of exciting features including a Shop by Lookbook and has an extensive search facility and a brand new design which will provide a better overall user experience.

Read more about this project here or visit the Lazeme website here.

New responsive website for Robert Lenkiewicz

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Robert Lenkiewicz signatureA new official website for Robert Lenkiewicz has been launched in conjunction with the first international exhibition in Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany, 23 June – 21 July 2013.

The new site, which is fully responsive and has been developed to work on all size devices, features a comprehensive collection of paintings and works of the late Plymouth artist.  The site is equipped by an extensive content managed system which allows the Lenkiewicz Foundation to easily manange and update many aspects of the website.

Read more about this project here…

To visit the new website, please click here