Easy encrypt/decrypt GPG on Ubuntu

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Blimey – this was way harder than it should have been… OK – I just want to be able to quickly encrypt/decrypt passwords – and to be able to encrypt the password using other people’s public GPG keys – should be easy! First – make sure the keys have been imported OK.  First problem – [...]

Setting up a local copy of an Acquia cloud site Drupal 8 site

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OK.  So I’ve set up a new site on Acquia dev – pulled down the code to a local vhost – and pulled down a DB dump and loaded it into my local DB copy. What should I do now to make things work nicely.  Here are some very brief notes: 1. Use the example.gitignore [...]

Fatal error – failed opening /drupal/console-core/src/constants.php when calling Drush via an alias on an Acquia site

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OK.  So I’m on my dev machine – I’ve added Drupal console to the code with: $ composer require drupal/console:~1.0 –prefer-dist –optimize-autoloader Then pushed the code up to Acquia – and when trying to run a Drush command on the Acquia cloud I get: kbailey@jessie2:~/docroots/testgeo/docroot$ drush @testgeo.dev status require(/mnt/www/html/testgeogcpshcc3ar/docroot/vendor/composer/../drupal/console-core/src/constants.php): failed to open stream: No such [...]

Moving MySQL/MariaDB data files – SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such file or directory – DO NOT ALTER localhost ->

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SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such file or directory Tricky one this… I moved MySQL (MariaDB actually) data files – very carefully.  Basically, Stopped services httpd and mariadb. Edited MySQL conf files for datadir and socket. Copied data files – set ownnership etc. Restarted services httpd and mariadb. All fine except not fine. Run web app and [...]

Installing Xhprof on Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty

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OK.  The article here covers this pretty well: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-xhprof-and-xhgui-for-profiling-php-applications-on-ubuntu-14-04 But I found a couple of points could be better. Procedure: Install the prerequisites. Install xhprof and php5-xhprof using apt – not using PECL.  No real reason – I just prefer to use apt if possible. Install the mongo database server as instructed – but – [...]

Nasty MySQL flaw – the binary logs time bomb!

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Hmmm….  Not very nice this one. OK – so we switch to using my-huge.cnf or my-large.cnf.  On current MySQL – Debian Jessie – this changes a couple of settings. One – it turns on binary logging by setting: log-bin=mysql-bin in the cnf file. BUT – IT DOES NOT SET UP LOG ROTATION! So, the log [...]

Bitbucket can be confusing

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I like things to be clear – and I found Bitbucket’s teams, groups, permissions etc a bit confusing. So, after a big look, here’s my notes: Repos Are owned by a user or a team. Users can be granted read/write/admin access to a repo. Groups can be granted read/write/admin access to a repo. I think [...]

Vagrant provisioning not working – adding docker to the VM

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OK. So I have a Vagrant file – and I can vagrant up and vagrant halt and vagrant up etc and all is fine. But then I want to add docker to my VM – just Docker – no docker images/containers etc – just the docker tool. So in my Vagrant file I add in: [...]

Keyboard layout changes not working after installing lubuntu-desktop

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I was having a problem getting my keyboard layout to permanently change after I’d installed lubunut-desktop on top of the standard vagrant precice32 VM box. I needed to switch to UK English. First off – ignore ibus – doesn’t seem to work properly. And – I’d set the language preferences etc to UK – but [...]

Error message when updating vagrant machine based on hashicorp/precise32

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OK. So (under Windows 8) I installed Vagrant and then created a VM based on hashicorp/precise32. The first thing I went to do on the new VM was to apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade. Then – I was presented with an error message starting with: ‘The GRUB boot loader was previously installed to a disk [...]